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10 Thanksgiving Essentials from Dr. Nibber

Thanksgiving weekend is for many, one of the most anticipated weekends of the year. It is the grand kick-off to the fall/winter holiday season. Special family recipes, hilarious conversations with friends, and saving all of the leftovers for yourself; what more could you ask for?

We’re sharing our list of must-haves for Thanksgiving, check them out:

  1. Zen Theanine: Getting everyone together for the holidays can be brilliant but let’s be honest it can also be overwhelming. Squabbles over how to best prepare the turkey, passive aggressive comments on your latest life choices, and full on tantrums can erupt at a moment’s notice. So, reaching a zen like state is not only beneficial it may be necessary. Enter, L-theanine, this amino acid found in green and black tea helps increase those relaxing alpha brain waves, calming you down without making you drowsy. Plus, you start feeling the effects of Zen Theanine within 40 minutes.
  2. AOR Zymes: A full Thanksgiving spread may be too tempting to pass up, and even though your bowels may not like you later, you indulge in some turkey or grandma’s mashed potatoes filled with butter and love. For such occasions it is always important to have some backup. AOR Zymes contains proteases to digest proteins, alpha amylase to digest starches, lipase to digest fats and alpha galactosidase for hard-to-digest polysaccharides found in legumes that can cause gas and bloating. Basically everything you need for those rich Thanksgiving dinners.
  3. Advanced B Complex ULTRA: Whether you are cooking all day, traveling from house to house, or entertaining you may need an extra energy boost and it needs to last you throughout the day. That’s why we love the new sustained release, optimized B complex formula.
  4. XOS: In the same vein as the AOR Zymes it’s a good idea to get digestion sorted before big meals. You can promote the growth of good bacteria as well as getting a good source of fibre from these delicious strawberry flavoured lozenges.
  5. Stretchy Pants: This works for many reasons, making room for the aforementioned Thanksgiving dinner feasting, but also to get you moving during an impromptu game of tackle football. We are loving the Lole Burst leggings, that are breathable and fashionable.
  6. Vitamix: Goodbye lumpy gravy, or cranberry sauce, or anything else for that matter. The Vitamix has become somewhat of an obsession lately for its smooth blends and flavour locking. Plus it’s perfect for a healthy morning smoothie the day after the Thanksgiving feast.
  7. Camera: Who doesn’t love looking through family photo albums during the holidays? We’re loving this Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Instant Camera that allows you to capture and instantly print lasting memories.
  8. Video Chatting: Sometimes life happens and not everybody can make it home for the holidays. But thanks to modern technology, we can still have a seat at the table via video chat services like Skype and FaceTime.
  9. Music: Most people have memories that are associated with music. When you hear that one song that takes you back to a happy moment in your life, you can’t help but smile. This Thanksgiving playlist via Spotify has something for everybody.
  10. You, our readers! Dr.Nibber.com has grown so much this year and our team here is so greatful we get to connect and engage with so many readers. So thank YOU and have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend!

We want to know, what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving? What are your Thanksgiving weekend essentials?

Dr. Navnirat Nibber

About The Author

Dr. NavNirat Nibber, ND is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and a registered Naturopathic Doctor. She is a Co-Owner at Crescent Health Clinic, as well as a Senior Medical Advisor at Advanced Orthomolecular Research.

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