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3 Aspects of Ayurvedic Medicine

As a follow up to our Introduction to Ayurvedia blog, we thought it would be helpful to breakdown the different aspects of the medicine and how it has the power to aid various health concerns. Check out three ayurvedic functions below:


Assists With:

Cardiovascular supportGastro-intestinal healthImmune support

Amla or Emblica officinalis fruit (Amalaki) has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a multitude of purposes including preventing diarrhea, gastric ulcers, trouble breathing and cardiovascular complaints. Amla is considered a panacea (rasayana) and anti-aging compound. Its fruits are complete nutrient powerhouses; packed with minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and amazing polyphenols.

The polyphenols found in Amla are more potent than vitamin C, their powerful antioxidant activity protects cholesterol against free-radical damage. In clinical trials, Amla was shown to significantly improve cholesterol profile by lowering LDL and total cholesterol while also raising HDL. As an added bonus, this Ayurvedic master herb can help support normal blood sugar levels, making Amla beneficial for cardiovascular support. Amla has also been used traditionally as an immune enhancer to fight chronic lung infections, upper respiratory infections and other types of infections. It accomplishes that by increasing macrophage activity and lifespan.

hose searching for powerful antioxidant support from an herb that has widespread health benefits including cardiovascular, digestive, immune enhancing and anti-aging properties would benefit from adding Amla to their daily supplementation.


Assists With:

Cardiovascular support

The inner bark of Terminalia arjuna (commonly known as arjuna), an Ayurvedic tree, is traditionally used to support cardiovascular health. Recent scientific evidence supports this traditional role and demonstrates that Arjuna extract can support healthful heart functions by improving blood flow to the heart, stabilizing blood pressure levels and by balancing cholesterol.

Arjuna is clinically proven to help achieve and maintain a healthy lipid profile while supporting the heart muscle’s capacity. These combined actions result in improved blood circulation and reduced symptoms of angina. Studies have also shown Arjuna’s ability to protect the heart and to reduce damages to the heart muscle following a heart attack.

Arjuna offers long-term health benefits such as antioxidant protection and the promotion of healthy cholesterol balance and blood flow. It is an ideal choice for those seeking to improve and protect their cardiovascular health.


Assists With:

Neurological supportNervous system support

Bacopa monnieri, is a herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to support cognitive function and memory. According to ancient vedic texts, Brahmi “acts as a brain tonic and promotes longevity.” To this day, newborn babies in India are ceremonially anointed with Bacopa in the belief that it will open the gateway of intelligence while children are given Bacopa teas and syrups to promote their mental development.

Modern science validates the traditional use of Bacopa and demonstrates the  improvements in cognitive functions, such as those needed for math, memory skills, the processing of visual information and the rate of learning. In a clinical trial Bacopa reduced anxiety along with mental fatigue, and the rate of forgetfulness while increasing social adaptation of people in a work setting. Bacopa has been shown to increase memory and learning scores in children diagnosed with ADHD and children who haven’t been diagnosed.

Research is also pointing towards promising benefits for several key concerns of the aging brain. Bacopa shares the same brain protecting attributes as the popular herb Ginkgo biloba, but without the blood thinning and microcirculation effects. This is a serious advantage given the fact that blood thinning medications are so widely used among the populations.

Thousands of years of traditional safe use of Bacopa in both the young and the elders backed up by modern science, demonstrate that Bacopa is the herb of choice to enhance and preserve healthy brain function and a strong nervous system.

Chantal Ann Dumas, ND

About The Author

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