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4 Drills to Manage Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder pain rehab regimen may need an overhaul! Here are some tips and tricks from our expert Dr. Marryshow.

Shoulder pain is such an epidemic that often doesn’t get enough attention. The usual course of care with a painful shoulder is to either ignore it or just use the other one hoping that things miraculously change. The reality is shoulder pain more often than not doesn’t just spontaneously resolve itself. It takes conscious effort and a lot of commitment.

The current state of common exercise drills to take care of your shoulder pain are often limited to a couple exercises that usually involved external and internal rotation of the shoulder often with a resistance band. These are great exercises as they introduce load and low levels of healthy stress to the shoulder joint that stimulates more strength. However, the shoulder needs to be challenged in different ways.

Lets dive into 4 more drills for your shoulder to help you along your shoulder rehab journey

Sometimes acting like a bear is all you need to do

The bear crawl is an amazing exercise to stimulate shoulder stability. The bear crawl forces you to increase the load tolerance of your shoulder in a very safe way. As you walk through the crawl you are putting various forms of stress and demand to increase the capacity of your shoulder. The more fit your shoulder is the better off it will be.

Here is a helpful instructional video breaking down the elements of the bear crawl.

Shoulder internal rotation is simply the movement of bringing your arm out to the side, bending your elbow to 90 degrees and dropping your palm down towards the ground. This movement says a lot about your shoulder health. If it feels tight, difficult or labored you probably need to increase that range of motion.

Getting your arm up overhead is a luxury

Many people have a hard time getting their arm up overhead because of tightness or simply because it is painful. Often we just lay off of reaching overhead when it is difficult to do hoping that one day it becomes easier. The reality is it often doesn’t get easier without working on it. The overhead reach is a crucial movement to living as so many things we need to do on a daily basis requires our uninhibited ability to reach up.

This video is a great breakdown of the overhead reach and how to improve on whatever reaching ability you currently have.

If you have a stability ball get ready to get creative with it your shoulder will thank you

The quadruped position [being on all fours] is a great way to start loading up a painful shoulder in a very safe way as you saw with the bear crawl. With the stability ball wall push there are so many positive things going on when it comes to increasing your shoulder health. The act of pushing has a very healthy output on the shoulder and the more of it you can do in a pain free position the better.

There you go! 4 new drills to add to your shoulder rehab arsenal. As mentioned before don’t wait on your shoulder to resolve itself start giving it more variety and different forms of stimulus. The benefits will speak for itself in the long run.


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