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Get paid to help others with effective health solutions.

Partner with an organization that is transforming scientific research into evidence-based, natural health products that empower people to lead their best lives. Get paid to help others with effective health solutions and trustworthy information.

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Joining is easy and completely free. Sign-up today for our North American program (USA & Canada) to get approved.

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Choose between hundreds of products to promote and share with your audience using the simple linking tools provided to help you to meet your monetization goals.

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Earn $2 on every product you sell under $20, $4 on every product you sell over $20, and $20 for every MyBlueprint™ kit you sell.

4. Spread the Wealth:

Give your audience 15% off on their purchase of AOR product, or 5% off the purchase of a MyBlueprint™ kit.

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