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Dr. Robyn Murphy

Posts by: Dr. Robyn Murphy

What Age is Appropriate for Genetic Testing?

By: Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND Your genes are the same throughout life, so genetic testing could technically be done from the point of conception; however, this seems somewhat invasive. Joking aside, this question comes up frequently from savvy parents looking to make the best lifestyle and dietary choices for their kids for prevention as well as optimizing their potential. Some key information is available to parents using genetic testing. 1.Dietary restrictions Genetic testing is exceptionally helpful for parents who want to know if their child is at risk for Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. It is especially helpful if a

Your Genes are Not Your Destiny: How to Tap into Your Genetic Potential. Part II

By: Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND The verdict is in, your genes are not your destiny. Advances in genetics and epigenetics have evolved through observations that environmental factors influence genetic expression to directly impact an individual’s health. Epigenetic changes are reversible while effects of genetic variations are modifiable. 1,2 Today, in the midst of personalized medicine, understanding an individual’s genetic blueprint provides simple yet powerful strategies to significantly make a difference in one’s health. While science reveals how general lifestyle strategies in diet, exercise and stress reduction significantly impacts epigenetic modifications and thus gene expression and risk for disease; it is

Votre hérédité n’est pas votre destinée: Notion d’épigénétique

Notre destin est-il inscrit dans nos gènes? Cette question commune est une préoccupation majeure pour la plupart, en particulier pour ceux qui envisagent des tests génétiques, se demandant si l’on veut vraiment le savoir ou non, de peur de découvrir que notre sort est scellé (rien ne peut être fait). Eh bien, la réponse est simple: NON; vos gènes ne transportent pas votre destin. Bien que cela dépende de divers facteurs à l’instar de l’impact du gène, cet article a pour principal objectif d’examiner comment l’épigénétique et l’adoption de certains styles de vie peuvent influencer positivement la santé, et que

Your Genes are Not Your Destiny: A Guide to Epigenetics. Part 1

By: Dr. Robyn Murphy, ND Are your genes your destiny? This common question is top of mind for most, especially for those who are considering genetic testing. Questioning whether or not you really want to know, in fear that nothing can be done. Well, the simple answer is, NO, your genes are not your destiny. While this may be due to a number of factors, such as the impact of the gene, the main topic of this article is discussing how epigenetics and particular lifestyle strategies can positively influence health, and that knowing your genes may just be the missing

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