In the News: Data Shows HPV Eradicated by AHCC Supplementation

Published on April 07, 2014 by Dr. Traj Nibber

A recent study presented at the Society of the 45th Annual Gynecological Oncology meeting in Tampa showed that a natural health product called AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) could eradicate the human papillomavirus virus (HPV) in mice. The researchers were expecting a reduction in the infection but were hugely surprised at complete eradication! They were in such disbelief at this amazing result that they repeated the experiment a second time and confirmed their findings!

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States and Canada. Up to 70% of sexually active adults will acquire HPV at some point in their lives. Human papillomavirus DNA has been detected in 99.7% of cervical cancer biopsies, suggesting a strong relationship with this type of cancer.  According to the National Cancer Institute of the NIH:

1. HPV is responsible for 95% of cervical cancers, 85% of anal cancers, 50% of vaginal, vulvar & penile cancers and some throat/tongue ("oropharyngeal") cancers. By 2020, HPV is projected to cause more oropharyngeal cancers than cervical cancers in the United States.

2. At any point in time, 42.5% of women have genital HPV infections.

3. According to the NIH website "There is currently no medical treatment for HPV infections". There are vaccines for prevention which are very controversial but there is no treatment.

4. Women who are diagnosed are simply asked to come in for an annual PAP smear to detect cervical cancer.

One can imagine the impact of being able to eradicate the HPV infection with a natural health product.

The study was led by Dr. Judith A. Smith, of the University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School in Houston. In the first part of the study, cervical cancer cells were treated with AHCC and incubated for 72 hours. The cancer cells were killed off with just one dose of AHCC. The study was then repeated in two mouse models, one HPV positive and the other an HPV negative control. In these models the cancer cells were transplanted into mice where they would normally develop into tumours. Dr. Smith then repeated the study to confirm findings and to determine the mechanism by which AHCC eradicates the HPV virus; this was done by looking at various immune markers.
The data suggests that AHCC can eliminate HPV infections and may have a role in the prevention of HPV-related cancers as well.

“The results of this study were very encouraging,” said Dr. Smith, Associate Professor at the Medical School. “This study, initiated in 2008, shows that by itself AHCC has the potential to treat the HPV infection,” she said. Smith’s previous study evaluated AHCC integration with common chemotherapy agents used for the treatment of ovarian cancer, to screen for potential drug interactions and improvement in activity. A pilot study in HPV+ women is also underway at University of Houston.

Human and animal studies have shown that AHCC increases the number and/or activity of Natural Killer (NK) and other immune cells which enable the body to effectively respond to infections and block the development of cancers. “AHCC is a common, well tolerated nutritional supplement that has been used for decades in Japan, I am very excited to be pursuing a nutritional approach to trying to find a treatment for HPV infections,” said Dr. Smith, whose research is on drug development for gynecologic cancers.

Smith’s previous study evaluated AHCC with common chemotherapy agents used for the treatment of ovarian cancer, to screen for potential drug interactions and improvement in activity. “We had previously demonstrated an antiretroviral regimen that successfully eradicated the HPV infection but wanted to develop a more benign protocol, since these medications have a number of side effects,” Dr. Smith continued.

AHCC is a natural immune-modulating compound derived from a unique fraction of specially-cultured medicinal mushroom mycelia. It works by using the body’s own immune system to help fight disease. Supported by more than 20 published clinical human studies and over 100 animal studies, AHCC has been investigated at prestigious institutions including Yale Medical School, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center, and various universities in Japan. AHCC has been clinically shown to help patients with cancer, hepatitis, liver disease, as well as viral and bacterial infections. AHCC has been used in over 1000 medical clinics and hospitals worldwide.

AHCC is also widely used by healthy individuals seeking to maintain peak immune function. A recent human clinical study has shown that AHCC taken in conjunction with the flu shot increased anti-body titers more than the vaccine alone in healthy adults. AOR now offers the highest potency and most cost-effective AHCC on the market.


This recent study in mice shows that AHCC may be able to help millions of women affected by human papilloma virus related conditions. Click here for more information on the immune boosting benefits of AHCC.

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  1. Clinical Perspectives on the Role of the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in the Prevention of Cancer, Justin M. Julius et-al Pharmacotherapy. 2011;31(3):280-297
  • Steven

    What dosage is found to be effective in Humans?

    • Traj Nibber

      Hi Steven, thank you for your question.
      The human dosage hasn't been established which is part of the clinical current study. However, the a 3g per day dose is.

    • Valentina

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    • Ann

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    • Peter Hardin

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  • Scott

    If successful, would the treatment have the same effect for men with HPV?

    • Traj Nibber

      Thank you for your question. There is an ongoing pilot study in HPV positive women so we wouldn’t know if it would be efficacious in men as well. However, if HPV positive men would like to take it, we would recommend taking 3g of AHCC (since it is a therapeutic dose) per day for a few months to “test” if it would help.

  • Eugene

    hi i would like to know which product of ahcc is used in dr smith trial?

    • Traj Nibber

      Hi Eugene. The product being used in Dr. Smith's trial is AHCC. This is very exciting as results are anticipated sometime in 2016.

  • C

    This is such a great article. It really inspires hope. I was given HPV by my spouse who left me while I was on deployment for their new boyfriend but not before finding out they left me with something. I was scarred that I would never have a normal life again. That no one would ever want to even give me a chance . This really gives hope. I look forward to trying this treatment.

  • Paul

    Does it matter what brand of AHCC we use? I'm a straight male looking to try this for a wart since topicals aren't working for me. Most brands I see are only 500-750mg, so I'm wondering if there is a specific brand to use?

    • Traj Nibber

      Hi Paul, AHCC is a brand name a patented Japanese product widely used in Japanese hospitals. Several companies buy the material and then formulate in different doses. You can use any one as the quality of the material is authentic.

  • Marsha

    I was diagnosed with RA about 4 months ago. I am currently taking methotrexate. My numbers went from 29 to 1.3. My meds are working. But I still have inflammation in my right hand and knees. Would I benefit from using AHCC.


    Hi Marsha,

    We would definitely not recommend AHCC for anyone with an autoimmune disease. It would be more likely that you may benefit from an anti-inflammatory, such as curcumin, ( but we advise that you consult with your primary care physician first to ensure it is safe with your current medication.

    It should be cautioned to avoid any immune-stimulating products (such as AHCC).

    Thank you

  • John

    Should I be wary of certain companies who use fillers such as rice flour in their AHCC capsules? How can I be positive their product actually contains the advertised amount of AHCC? The company in question is Naturetition and no company information can be found on the web

    • Traj Nibber

      Hi John,

      Rice flour as an excipient is not an issue. Sometimes companies have to add excipients (microcrystalline cellulose is usually the choice but there are others) to get proper fill weights so the capsules don’t look half empty. The key issue is are companies using the patented AHCC material. One way to find out is contacting the manufacturer and their US distributer as to whether the company in question is actually buying their authentic material. Maypro is the US distributer see

  • Ollie

    Has there been an update on the clinical trial? I've been taking AHCC 3 grams a day since last August when I found out I had HPV genital wart. Thanks

    • Traj Nibber

      Hi Ollie, this is a pilot clinical study on the effect of the immune-modulating mushroom based compound AHCC and its impact on the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) virus. HPV affects 60-80% of all US women, causes 99% of all cervical cancer cases (as well several other cancers) and has no known cure or treatment, either with pharmaceuticals or supplements. The only option is prevention of HPV infections with a vaccine that can be given to girls and boys up to age 26 prior to any HPV exposure.

      A new clinical pilot study conducted by Dr. Judith Smith and funded independently by UT Medical School evaluated 10 HPV-positive women with half the group taking AHCC for 1-3 months and half for 6 months. The dose was 1g three times a day with meals. Five of the women achieved a negative HPV test result – three with confirmed eradication after stopping AHCC! You can see here for the link to the UT Medical School release: <a href=" " rel="nofollow"></a>

      This is an amazing result which has already received wide coverage in mass media such as this clip on <a href="www." rel="nofollow">www. </a>and this article on Fox News: <a href=" " rel="nofollow"> </a>

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  • Afshin Sayahi

    hi can i take that ahcc for the oral hpv? and how many capsules per day ? thanks

    • NavNirat Nibber

      Thank you for your question,
      While there is some promising preclinical research on mushroom supplementation and the clearance of certain strains of oral HPV infection, it would be best to discuss with a licensed health care practitioner for dosing and if this would be appropriate for you.

  • Victoria


    Can you please advise if 3 gr. daily should be taken at once or 3 x 2 ? Is there any difference ? thanks

    • Traj Nibber

      3g was taken in a single dose in available evidence.
      Thank you,
      Dr. Traj