Published on October 17, 2018 by Chantal Ann Dumas

(excerpt from an *article written by Chantal Ann Dumas ND, AOR, 3900 - 12 Street NE, Calgary, Canada, T2E 8H9)

Estrogen is well-known for its role in re­productive biology, but researchers now believe it may also have effects on the immune system. This might explain why women have been found to have height­ened inflammatory responses compared to men. As a result, women have significantly lower rates of infection and inflammation in comparison to men. However, estrogen also contributes to an increased risk of au­toimmune diseases in women. The effects of estrogen may seem paradoxical, on the one hand suppressing the immune system yet supporting it on the other. However, this paradox also means that estrogen may pro­tect against some infectious diseases, but promote other autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions.

 A better understanding of estrogens provides important insights into the links between sex hormones, the gut microbiota, and inflammatory disease. These insights might also offer alternative approaches for improving the health of the gastrointestinal tract, reducing sex hormone imbalances and reducing inappropriate inflammatory responses.

 Be pro-active! Talk to your health care provider and better understand the role of the estrogens and the implication it might have on your daily regiment (supplements) and overall lifestyle.


*“Estrogens, the Estrobolome, and Inflammatory Disease” Click here to read full article