Natural Health Products Week: Infographic How to Read a Supplement Label

Published on November 23, 2016 by Dr. NavNirat Nibber

With so many supplements available, knowing what to choose can be confusing. From choosing the ingredients based on safety and efficacy, to developing the best delivery systems, and limiting or choosing the most appropriate non medicinal ingredients there is a lot that goes into making a supplement. In the past we have discussed the thought process we use when developing new formulas. We have also debunked common myths surrounding non-medicinal ingredients  here, here and here. But what should you actually be looking for on the label?

In a recent poll, 94% of our Twitter followers responded that they always read ingredient lists before purchasing their supplements. Clearly, what goes into supplements counts! We created a quick guide to understanding the anatomy of a supplement label. Check it out below: 

Click to enlarge.