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Inner Beauty

The Secrets to Effective Natural Sun Protection: Part II

Sun Protection from Within  Now that you have sunk your teeth into the basics of effective natural sun protection, let’s delve even deeper into the skin itself.  Skin really is a vast, fascinating topic, seeing there are so many types of skin that are affected by many different things. For example, my South Asian/Pacific Islander skin tone is rich in pigment aka melanin, which is internal pigment that scatters and absorbs UV light. On the other hand, you have individuals like my French/Irish BFF—who is so fair, that I like to say that she rates as -0.5 on the Fitzpatrick

The Secrets to Effective Natural Sun Protection: Part I

The Sun Conundrum  Natural sun protection is becoming a more popular topic and is something that we have discussed previously on our blog due to its importance. Today, I am going to delve a bit deeper into the steps that can be taken to protect your skin, while basking in the sun. It has become evident that our central star—the sun, is a confusing beast to say the very least. It’s not only the centre of our solar system, it sustains life on this planet in a myriad of ways, and is the only way we humans can naturally synthesize

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