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Inner Beauty

Beauty From Within

True beauty is whole! Today, beauty and anti-aging practices are flourishing due to increased consumer demand for products and treatments that support youthful appearances and deter premature aging. Many of these approaches may be effective in their external application, and can provide results that makes us happy! However, these short-term external results often discount the internal aspects of health, which are required for sustainability.  Can we achieve youthfulness and beauty without compromising overall health? Can it be easy and sustainable? How do we avoid temptation of cutting corners and make an honest effort? And where do we start? With high

Skin Care – What Ingredients Your Food Must Have

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It makes sense that what you put into your body shows itself in your skin. Nature gives us everything we need to nourish and support our bodies. Of course, it’s up to you to ensure that you eat a well-balanced diet that contains all the nutrients your body and skin need to be healthy. Here are the ingredients your food must-have for optimal skin health. Phytoceramides Phytoceramides are molecular substances that exist in natural plants, such as wheat and rice. These are so potent for ski rejuvenation that many premium skin

The Secrets to Effective Natural Sun Protection: Part II

Sun Protection from Within  Now that you have sunk your teeth into the basics of effective natural sun protection, let’s delve even deeper into the skin itself.  Skin really is a vast, fascinating topic, seeing there are so many types of skin that are affected by many different things. For example, my South Asian/Pacific Islander skin tone is rich in pigment aka melanin, which is internal pigment that scatters and absorbs UV light. On the other hand, you have individuals like my French/Irish BFF—who is so fair, that I like to say that she rates as -0.5 on the Fitzpatrick

The Secrets to Effective Natural Sun Protection: Part I

The Sun Conundrum  Natural sun protection is becoming a more popular topic and is something that we have discussed previously on our blog due to its importance. Today, I am going to delve a bit deeper into the steps that can be taken to protect your skin, while basking in the sun. It has become evident that our central star—the sun, is a confusing beast to say the very least. It’s not only the centre of our solar system, it sustains life on this planet in a myriad of ways, and is the only way we humans can naturally synthesize

The Smart Consumer’s Guide to Vitamins & Supplements

There is an overwhelming amount of healthcare information available at our fingertips. Unfortunately, the ease with which we access information makes us more susceptible to misinformation which can have significant repercussions when dealing with something as complex as our health. It can be easy to fall prey to the misinformation machine. The beauty of science is that its very foundation is rooted in curiosity with a hefty dose of healthy skepticism thrown in. Before turning to Dr. Google, here are some quick tips to help you make the best decision about your health. Part one of this two part series

Common Signs of Nutrient Deficiency: Part Two

We live in a world of calorie dense but nutrient poor foods. Do to over farming and poor agricultural practices, many vegetables, fruits, and grains have lower amounts of minerals and vitamins then they had in the past. While the trend is moving toward organic and whole food options, the question is, can a healthy diet still provide enough nutrients and vitamins to meet our daily needs? Most experts agree that a well rounded, plant based, whole foods diet is more than adequate to meet the needs of most healthy people; but what about if you are nutrient deficient for

Common Signs of Nutrient Deficiency

While eating a well-balanced, whole foods diet is essential for disease prevention and the maintenance of health, is it enough if you are deficient in key vitamins and minerals? What are the signs and symptoms of a nutrient deficiency you can observe in your body? The remainder of this article provides a listing of some of the signs that may suggest a deficiency in certain nutrients. Remember, these are signs which can vary between people. Each sign can often mean multiple things that aren’t necessarily related to a deficiency. This should not replace proper medical examination and laboratory testing. Head:

Skin Care: Five Tips for Healthier Skin at Any Age

Skin health is a never-ending journey that doesn’t just go away after adolescence. Even as adults, we all strive for perfect skin. Yet, why is it so difficult to avoid acne and rosacea blemishes? The simple answer is that there are so many contributing factors and that we rarely look past the exterior. In order to have truly great skin, it is crucial to examine and improve the health of our digestive tract, immune system and hormonal system while minding the external environment that our skin comes into contact with. Here are a few basic, yet powerful, tips for maintaining

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