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AOR + Bees

Why are Bees so Important? What’s all the buzz about regarding bees, pollinators and our reliance on them to eat? Well, when one out of every three bites of food you eat requires pollination and you ponder how many mouths there are to feed on this planet, you can quickly see why we need to protect the busy bees, butterflies, moths, wasps and other pollinators who help feed us, one flower-visit at a time. Many fruits, vegetables, and nuts rely on pollinators for their production. In fact, without these species, 70% of plants would be unable to reproduce or provide

American Ginseng vs. Korean Ginseng – AOR’s Choice

This is a great question because the term “ginseng” gets thrown around a lot as a common name for many different herbs. Depending who you’re speaking with, it’s sometimes difficult to decipher which form of ginseng is being discussed. Here is a list of commonly known herbs that are referred to as ginseng, based on the geographical location where they commonly grow wild. This list shows us that not only are there different forms, but some of the so-called “ginsengs” are not even in the same genus of plants: –          Panax ginseng: better known as Korean, Asian, Oriental, Chinese or

Natural vs. Synthetic Ingredients

To paraphrase the great Groucho Marx, a molecule is a molecule is a molecule. My colleagues and I regularly receive questions and complaints from customers asking if AOR products use natural versus synthetic ingredients. The first point to note is that nature is very clever and helpful, and between 60-75% of all anti-infective, (antibiotics) and anti-cancer prescription drugs on the market, are derived from natural sources like leaves, bark, root, seeds, microorganisms, etc. Nature is an excellent teacher and natural product researchers, more accurately called pharmacognosists, widely use nature as a platform to develop new products. This is much more

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