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Part 2: How Do I Choose a Whey Protein?

Choosing a whey protein has become an exercise in labels comparison due to recent scientific discoveries and improved manufacturing process.

The first step obviously consists in identifying your needs. But whether you are simply looking at improving your training results, boosting your immune system, promoting normal cellular growth, reduce inflammation or lower your cholesterol, keep in mind that the widespread health applications of whey protein are heavily dependent on its alpha-lactalbumin, lactoferrin, and sialic acid content. The addition of these fractions is costly, which may largely explain why their benefits are not emphasized in most whey protein supplements.

Advanced Whey from AOR reinforces these fractions with extra amounts over and above those which are naturally found in whey protein. This fortifying triad embodies the better part of a decade of research designed to transform a supplement staple like whey protein into a nutraceutical innovation.

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Chantal Ann Dumas, ND

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