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Don’t Submit to Stress – Support Your Immunity

It’s Fall and everyone is “ramping up”. Whether you are a parent with a new school schedule to manage or an employee managing new projects at work, it seems that as the days get shorter, the To-Do lists get longer.

Changes in schedule and workload can contribute to rising levels of stress. As a result, maybe you aren’t getting sufficient sleep, which can lead to even higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Both stress and insomnia can lead to a suppressed immune system, which can in turn lead to increased susceptibility to any colds and flu being passed around the office or brought home by your kids.

There are simple and effective ways to keep your immune system functioning at its best, however. Getting exercise, making sure you are getting seven to nine hours of sleep, and staying connected with family and friends are all scientifically proven to boost immunity. Even laughter has been shown to decrease stress hormones and increase immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, improving your resistance to disease.

In addition, there are nutrients and vitamins that can help.

The Magic of Mushrooms

Research on traditional mushrooms such as reishi, Lion’s Mane and cordyceps has shown that they positively regulate the highly complex system of cells whose job it is to detect and eliminate invading pathogens like bacteria and viruses. AOR’s Mushroom Synergy contains a powerhouse combination of mushrooms that promote healthy immune function through multiple mechanisms and also has Astralagus and Holy Basil, herbs which are complementary in handling immune suppression and stress.


We’re learning more all the time about the relationship of our biome to the immune system. While adults are more aware, we recognize that getting children to make healthy choices can be difficult. That’s why we developed an innovative (and fun!) delivery form of a clinically tested probiotic that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, making adults or children who take it less prone to ear, nose and throat infections and bad breath. These granules are full of the fizzy fun that you’ll remember from your childhood, but without the sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Amino Acid – L-Lysine

This essential amino acid is important for many biological functions, from immunity to energy production. It also specifically deprives cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus of what they need to spread, reducing the frequency and severity of any outbreak. L-Lysine has also been shown to reduce mood imbalances. It’s a good idea to supplement with L-Lysine if you are a vegetarian or vegan who is not getting enough protein.


Colostrum is produced by mammals in the first few days after birth, which is why it’s commonly known as “first milk”. Colostrum naturally contains a broad spectrum of remarkable immune boosters, including your first line of defence, immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG), as well as enzymes, growth factors, peptides, vitamins and trace minerals. Together these nutritional compounds may provide a powerful boost to the immune system. AOR’s All-Life Colostrum is a high-concentration formula derived from North American cows raised in optimal conditions.

Liquid Sunshine – Vitamin D3

As we slide into fall, most of us are experiencing fewer hours of direct sunlight, so we may not be getting enough of the “sunshine vitamin”. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, known for its role in aiding with calcium absorption and promoting bone formation, but also in balancing immune function and supporting mood. Our liquid version comes in both adult and children’s versions. September can be an exciting month and sometimes a stressful one. If you are not getting enough sleep, exercise or sun, there are some scientifically proven supplements that can help you and give your immune system the little boost it needs.

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