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Five Integral Supplements for Optimal Men’s Health

Supplements are a natural way for people to boost their overall health and immune system, from protein powder (whey, vegan, casein) to vitamin D, supplementation helps us restore our bodies. For men, supplementing is an important way to stay on top of their health. While there are thousands of supplements on the market, having a diet high in whole foods, vitamins and nutrients is perhaps the best way to look after your health. Food provides vitamins in the most natural and biologically available form.

Many people do not achieve the recommended amount of nutrients they need from food, which can be caused by factors such as a diet laden with refined foods, lack of sleep and hydration, and not eating enough fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Ask almost anyone, and chances are high they have their go-to supplements. Choosing supplements for mens health should be a decision where you seek appropriate advice from nutritionists, dieticians and physicians. There is a time and place for supplements and strong evidence for their many benefits. As no two humans are the same, what works for someone you know may not necessarily work for you. We all have different nutritional requirements and health concerns.

So when do you know it is time to add supplements? Factors such as age, work, physical fitness levels, and environmental factors are variables men should look at when researching supplements. Do you live in an area where the late fall and winter months have little sunlight? Taking vitamin D, whether in pill or liquid form are beneficial for us to get the nutrients normally provided from the sun. Do you exercise a lot, but on the go? Protein powder, creatine and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) could be for you. It makes sense to identify your specific needs as an athlete, whether you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer or weight lifter, then address supplements. Exercising also requires our bodies to use more energy, and replenishing is integral.

Supplements for mens health in gengeral are our way to bridge our nutritional gap and maintain optimal health. It is also important for older men to look into supplementation because as men age, malabsorption can become an issue, as the body does not break down nutrients the way it used to.

Below are five supplements for optimal men’s health, their benefits, as well as food sources.

  1. Calcium: Calcium is important for supporting bone health. Men need calcium to build and maintain strong bones. Proper heart, muscles and nerve functions also require calcium. Our bodies do not produce calcium on their own, so men must get it through external sources, from food such as cheese, milk, yogurt, dark and leafy vegetables (kale, broccoli, spinach) and calcium-fortified milk substitutes, to supplements. A lack of calcium could pose health problems related to weak bones.
  2. Vitamin D: Sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D is a nutrient that helps our bodies absorb calcium. Our bodies produce vitamin D when directly exposed to sunlight. This is why supplementing with vitamin D during the late fall and winter months is integral, as the amount of sun is little. These two work together to help our bodies maintain strong and healthy bones and heart. Many people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency. Foods like egg yolks, cow’s milk, fortified rice and soy beverages.
  3. Magnesium: Essential for good health, magnesium plays an integral and vital role in the men’s body, ranging from metabolism, energy creation and the synthesis of fatty acids and proteins. Magnesium can help relieve anxiety, support heart health and boost exercise performance. You can find magnesium in a myriad of foods such as pumpkin seeds, almonds, quinoa, avocado, black beans, dark chocolate, salmon and other fish.
  4. Omega-3: From improving bone, joint, eye and brain health, fending off inflammation and reducing fat in your liver, omega-3 can play an integral and beneficial role in a man’s life. Omega-3 supplementation is important for men who don’t eat a lot of fatty fish, or are vegetarian/plant-based. While foods like chia seeds and flaxseed contain omega-3, supplementation should be considered.
  5. Probiotics: Probiotics are living microorganisms that may be able to help prevent and treat some illnesses. Adding probiotics to your supplementation regimen will promote a healthy digestive tract and immune system and aid your digestion. These benefits are powerful for both brain and body. When looking for probiotic food sources, kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi, miso and kombucha are highly popular ones.

Men’s bodies are unique and come with many nutritional demands. Taking advantage of personalized nutrition and researching supplements formulated specifically for you can help you meet your body’s needs and attain optimal health.


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