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Happy Naturopathic Medicine Week

In honour of Naturopathic Medicine week we wanted to give you some insight into this exciting field in alternative healthcare.

First do no harm. Treat the whole individual. Address the root cause of illness. Doctor as teacher. Sustainable treatments. Support the inherent healing power of the body. Promote prevention.

Naturopathic medicine provides individuals with an alternative primary health care system that blends scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. Naturopathic medicine recognises the body’s inherent ability to heal itself so treatment aims to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause of disease.

A holistic approach also enables naturopathic doctors to thoroughly assess a patient’s health, linking symptoms that may be overlooked. Naturopathic doctors can then determine the root cause of the constellation of symptoms leading to more sustainable results.

While each province has its own regulations and scope of practice, in order to call yourself a naturopathic doctor in Canada, practitioners are required to complete a 4 year post graduate course from an accredited, CMNE approved institution. So in total, most individuals have at least 7 years of post secondary education under their belts.

The curriculum includes; western and traditional Chinese diagnostics and pathology, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture, physical manipulation, therapeutic massage, and more.

Upon graduation naturopathic doctors are required to complete standardized North American Board Exams (NPLEX) and are expected to adhere to national standards of practice and regulations in each province. Provinces may require additional exams such as pharmacology, ethics and jurisprudence, and more exams specific to their scope of practice.

Practitioners operate outside of provincial health services ( ie. not covered by Alberta health services), but many insurance plans do offer full or partial coverage options, as there is an inherent value to preventative medicine. Naturopathic doctors aim to improve your quality of life, promote prevention, and collaborate with other healthcare 

practitioners, dispelling the myth that it is either or with allopathic medicine. In fact multiple integrative clinics are opening up across the country, because the the end of the day you deserve as many advocates for your health as possible.

For more information on Naturopathic medicine visit the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors at

Dr. Navnirat Nibber

About The Author

Dr. NavNirat Nibber, ND is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and a registered Naturopathic Doctor. She is a Co-Owner at Crescent Health Clinic, as well as a Senior Medical Advisor at Advanced Orthomolecular Research.

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