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No matter where you are in life, AOR has the right formula for your unique needs.

One Body. One Life.

Our formulas bring the most innovative supplements to the most important body in the world, yours!

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One Body. One Life.

Our formulas bring the most innovative supplements to the most important body in the world, yours!

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You are driven to be as healthy as you can be. At AOR, we are driven by research so you can live your best life, through health solutions that are pure, potent, safe and effective.

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Our scientists deliver industry-leading results through...


By identifying the most cutting-edge, factual scientific information and studies available.


By sourcing the highest-quality, purest and most effective raw ingredients from around the world.


By upholding rigorous quality standards for third-party testing of products for authenticity and safety.

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The battle for supremacy for hearts, minds, knees, joints, skin and much more! Canadians are looking enviously across the border and wondering when they might get access to CBD, this “magic” cannabinoid molecule touted as a cure-all for so many health ailments. Yet there is already a molecule that has been available to many Canadians (for nearly three years!) which has a far better clinical and safety track-record, and without any of the negative stigma associated with cannabis from which CBD is derived. Let us compare and contract both molecules: CBD PEA Derived from cannabis/ hemp Sunflower lecithin Little research

Graves’ ophthalmopathy

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Postbiotics, the New Microbiome Hero

Interest in gut health has become popular as more and more studies underline the significance of the gut in health and in whole host of diseases. There are many pieces in this puzzle including, the microbiome, probiotics, and postbiotics. First, let us get definitions and nomenclature out of the way. The microbiota is the total number of microbes that are present in out entire gastrointestinal tract. These include, bacteria both “good” and “bad”, viruses, fungi, parasites, archaea protozoa, and many other players. Many factors influence the number and diversity of these “guests” including what we inherit from our mother at birth,

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