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The patented Japanese bone health protein used by AOR, Advanced Bone Protection (ABP), has undergone at least six human clinical trials and shows excellent potential to protect bone health and counteract the damaging effects of osteoporosis.

The mechanism of action is thought to be via multiple channels:

  • Increases the effects of bone building cells called osteoblasts
  • Decreases the activity of bone destroying cells called osteoclasts
  • Increases the preservation of the architecture of the bone matrix including collagen
  • Improves the ability to attract calcium ions to the bone as opposed to the mineral lingering about elsewhere in the body causing negative effects such as calcium deposits occurring in the blood vessels or arterial calcification. This effect can best be described as ABP exerting a “Velcro-like” effect by attracting calcium ions to itself since ABP concentrates in the bone.

ABP is extracted from whey protein which itself originates from cow’s milk. There is some concern as to whether the proteins in ABP contain similar milk allergens as cow’s milk.

Japanese researchers investigated whether ABP proteins can cause any milk allergies. By looking at the five proteins comprising ABP, the researchers found that there were no similarities in the protein sequence when compared to typical milk allergen proteins found in cow’s milk. Furthermore, all but one protein was digested by the stomach digestive enzyme pepsin. The one protein that did survive digestion was deemed to be too low in concentration to cause any allergies.

The researchers concluded “That protein components in ABP are unlikely to present any increased risk of allergy for milk allergic subjects or of cross reactivity for other allergic subjects”. However, since the proteins are derived from a milk product, ABP still carries a government required warning for milk allergic subjects of the potential risk of allergic reaction. 


Goodman RE, et al. “Assessment of the potential allergenicity of a Milk Basic Protein fraction”. Food and Chemical Toxicology. 2007; 45: 1787–1794.

Dr. Traj Nibber, PhD

About The Author

Dr. Traj Nibber is the Director of AOR, he has a degree in Pharmacy, a Masters in Toxicology and a PhD in Pathology. Dr. Nibber founded AOR to clear the misdirection prevalent in the nutraceutical world, and provide people with highly effective, research backed products.

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