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Episode 4

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What you will learn:

  • Learn about Biological medicine – what are its core tenants and principles.
  • What is  the terrain,’ and how it affects cell development, function, and longevity.
  • How to balance energetic medicine/homeopathy with modern technology and advanced biological medicine techniques. 
  • Using cutting edge tools andtechnology in practice.
  • The state of naturopathic medicine in Ontario
  • Tips and advice for new grads and students starting their practice.
  • Top clinical pearls from Dr Dhanani’s practice.


Dr Karim Dhanani B.Sc, B.A., ND

Chief Medical Director, Dr. Karim Dhanani, is an innovator with a growing international reputation for treating chronic degenerative medical conditions. He founded the Centre for Biological Medicine in 2002 with a goal to combine science and compassion in medical practice.

Dr. Dhanani has travelled the globe to learn from the thinkers and institutions shaping the frontier of naturopathic medicine, integrating those insights into his own practice. His contributions to the field have earned him invitations to participate in research alongside other renowned professionals in biophysics and medicine around the world.

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