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Volume 5 Issue 1

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic dysfunctions are a major risk factor for cardiovascular incidents such as myocardial infarction, stroke, and non-ischemic cardiovascular disease1. The constellation of symptoms indicative of metabolic dysfunction include: central obesity (apple body types), glucose intolerance, insulin resistance (eg. non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus), hypertension, dyslipidemia, high markers of inflammation, and poor blood clotting (hyperfibrinolysis). Given the complexity of this syndrome, identifying and developing treatments can be very difficult. As we learn more, we gain a greater understanding about how we can approach the underlying cause of metabolic dysfunctions while managing the symptoms.Given the wide array of symptoms, metabolic syndrome was often overlooked

Interview with AOR Founder, Dr. Traj Nibber

We sat down with AOR’s founder and director of research Dr. Traj Nibber to gain some insights into AOR from the man who started it all. 1 . What is your educational background, and what made you decide to become a scientist? I have a BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences with hospital experience (clinical pharmacy) from the University of Aston, UK, an MSc in toxicology from the University of Birmingham, UK and a PhD in histopathology specializing in surgical pathology from University of London, UK. My interest has always been in research. Unlike pharmaceutical research which takes 15-20 years to bring

Heal your Gut – Heal your Body

Many people believe that the health of the digestive tract reflects the health of the rest of the body. This makes sense given that the gastrointestinal tract is our first line of defense against many infectious agents; it is responsible for building our immune system; it breaks down, produces, and absorbs nutrients; and it is a major pathway for toxin elimination. If any imbalance occurs within the digestive tract, many aspects of our health will be negatively affected. AOR’s approach to digestive health has always been a little different from what is currently trending in the marketplace. With unique formulas

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