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The battle for supremacy for hearts, minds, knees, joints, skin and much more!

Canadians are looking enviously across the border and wondering when they might get access to CBD, this “magic” cannabinoid molecule touted as a cure-all for so many health ailments. Yet there is already a molecule that has been available to many Canadians (for nearly three years!) which has a far better clinical and safety track-record, and without any of the negative stigma associated with cannabis from which CBD is derived.

Let us compare and contract both molecules:

Derived from cannabis/ hempSunflower lecithin
Little researchStudied for 80 years
Questionable science    Good science
Few human published studiesWidely published
Pain and epilepsyPain, analgesia, inflammation, cognition, autism, heart disease, depression, stress and many other areas
Large variability in dose to produce an effect 10 mg to 1200 mgDefined dose 1200mg per day
Externally derived (exo-cannabinoid)Produced by the body (endocannabinoid-like molecule)
Can persist in the bodyOnly produced when there is demand
May cause side-effectsNo side-effects reported
Body does not have any deficiencySpecific conditions where there is deficiency
CBD not a marker for any diseasesPEA likely to be a marker for host of conditions

In summary, PEA is a natural molecule that the body turns to when it is in danger, disease and after damage. Moreover, once the PEA has performed its action it disappears quietly as it first appears like a true superhero without any fanfare.

There may be certain diseases like IBD, other gut conditions, fibromyalgia, certain stress conditions and hormonal conditions where there is a deficiency state of PEA and where supplementation is required. Unlike CBD, where no deficiency state has been identified.

Dr. Traj Nibber, PhD

About The Author

Dr. Traj Nibber is the Director of AOR, he has a degree in Pharmacy, a Masters in Toxicology and a PhD in Pathology. Dr. Nibber founded AOR to clear the misdirection prevalent in the nutraceutical world, and provide people with highly effective, research backed products.

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