Libération rapide pour une performance optimale

  • Procure les bienfaits vénérés de la betterave dans une pastille pratique
  • Améliore l’endurance, la performance et l’oxygénation
  • Première formule à action rapide au monde, proposée par AOR
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L’oxyde nitrique est une molécule simple produite par l’organisme et qui intervient dans de nombreuses fonctions telles que la vasodilatation, l’amélioration de la circulation sanguine, le transport de l’oxygène et des nutriments vers les tissus, ainsi que la communication cellulaire, les réponses immunitaires, la formation des os et les propriétés antimicrobiennes et de cicatrisation de l’estomac, entre autres. Avec l’âge, notre corps produit moins d’oxyde nitrique, mais est encore capable de l’utiliser. Les nitrates et nitrites provenant d’aliments sains tels que les betteraves, les épinards et le céleri, entre autres, sont convertis en oxyde nitrique dans le corps.

Dynami-Nox ne fait pas qu’augmenter les niveaux d’oxyde nitrique, il le fait rapidement et dans des conditions de taux faible ou élevé d’oxygène, contrairement à d’autres substances telles que la L-arginine. AOR a été le premier fabricant de produits nutraceutiques au monde à mettre à profit la conversion directe du nitrate et du nitrite en oxyde nitrique dans l’organisme, et la première à révolutionner son administration avec sa formulation en pastilles à action rapide. Dynami-Nox améliore à la fois la santé et la performance. Les pastilles sont naturellement colorées et aromatisées avec des poudres de fruits et légumes, et naturellement sucrées au mannose et à la thaumatine, une protéine à faible indice glycémique extraite du fruit de katemfe.

Avantage AOR

Les pastilles de Dynami-Nox d’AOR stimulent votre santé en un lapse de temps, en vous fournissant des nutriments essentiels que l’on trouve dans un régime méditerranéen équilibré. AOR est une entreprise canadienne fière de l’être.




Dynami-NOx fournit des antioxydants pour le maintien d’une santé optimale.


AOR™ certifie que tous les ingrédients sont mentionnés sur l’étiquette. Ne contient ni blé, ni gluten, ni noix, ni arachide, ni graine de sésame, ni sulfite, ni moutarde, ni produit laitier, ni œuf, ni poisson, ni mollusque ou crustacé.

Posologie Adulte

Faire dissoudre une pastille dans la bouche tous les jours avec ou sans nourriture, ou selon les recommandations d’un professionnel de la santé.

Mises en Garde

Ne pas utiliser ce produit si vous êtes enceinte, si vous allaitez ou si vous utilisez des produits contre la dysfonction érectile.

Main Applications
  • Energy/Fatigue
  • Endurance
  • Anti-aging
  • Cardiovascular health
Portion: une capsule
Vitamine C
50 mg

Ingrédients non médicinaux : poudres de jus de fruits et légumes (betterave rouge, framboise rouge, bleuet), nitrate de potassium (fournissant 15,5 mg de nitrate), mannose, gomme xanthane, gomme de cellulose, maltodextrine, thaumatine, stéarylfumarate de sodium, xylitol, acide citrique et carboxylméthylcellulose de sodium.


Nitric Oxide: A Supercharging PowerhouseA Nobel Prize Winning MoleculeNitric Oxide is a simple, yet powerful molecule responsible for an array of health promoting benefits, such as increased oxygenation and vasodilation (opening of the bloods vessels) and reducing inflammation. It also supports immunity, gastrointestinal health, skin health and more. As a result, it is a highly researched molecule which led to it winning Molecule of The Year in 1992 and The Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 1998.Nitrate Rich Foods Are Phenomenal!Nitrates that are naturally occurring in plant foods such as beets, celery and spinach are responsible for increased health benefits because they are converted to Nitric Oxide within the body. Nitric Oxide synthesis is also based on the successful conversion of inorganic nitrates in the form of sodium and potassium nitrate. In fact, breast milk is also rich in nitrate. Plant based nitrates are naturally and intelligently accompanied by powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C. This is why AOR’s Nitric Oxide boosting NOx products are so beneficial, seeing they are inspired by beets and other nitrate rich plant foods! Our process utilizes the direct conversion pathway of inorganic nitrates into Nitric Oxide within the body which is complemented by our proprietary blend of antioxidants to ensure healthful benefit.The Ultimate SuperchargerOnce Nitric Oxide is utilized correctly, safely and efficiently, its possibilities are endless to say the least. Seeing it is such a diverse molecule, with a multitude of actions, it is also a powerful “supercharger” because it is able to enhance the action of a substance with which it shares similar effects and improve its bioavailability. This is why we developed the NOx combined products, which are highly effective at a smaller dose.Debunking the Bad RapUnfortunately, nitrates have suffered a bad reputation and are a hot bed of controversy. Nitrates have been linked to the health problems associated with cured meats, increased risk of cancer, blue baby syndrome, and environmental problems and water contamination associated with fertilizers.Fortunately, the evidence tells us that dietary nitrates are safe and necessary for health and vitality. AOR is the first nutraceutical company to carefully examine all available research, to challenge the myths about the danger of nitrates, and to bring to light the truth about their importance for good health.Preserved Meats: One of the main issues surrounding nitrates is the potential formation of N-Nitrosamines, which are associated with the consumption of “cured” meats, i.e. preserved with nitrites, not nitrates. N-Nitrosamines have indeed been linked to health risks, but very specific conditions need to be present in order for them to form and become dangerous. Nitrite, not nitrate, must be present along with short-chain saturated fats combined with secondary amines found in animal proteins, high cooking temperatures of 130?C or more, and the burning and charring methods used in smoking or curing meats. All of these factors must be present in order to form N-Nitrosamines, and it is this lethal combination that creates the true link to cancer.Blue Baby Syndrome: Blue baby syndrome was thought to be caused by high nitrate in the water supply. However, the actual cause of the problem was later found to be the presence of bacteria in the water, not the nitrate.Fertilizers: Too much of a good thing is often not good. It is true that excessive amounts of nitrate in water run-off from fertilizers can cause environmental disturbances. Excessive amounts of anything naturally present will alter the ecosystem and cause problems, but this must not cause us to think that dietary nitrates naturally found in foods are dangerous!Now you have a clearer picture of the true benefits of nitrates and the unfounded fears created by their unsubstantiated claims. Take control of your health and reap the benefits of this previously controversial nutrient. Try one of our NOx based products today, and be amazed with the results!Designed with the athlete in mind, NOx Boost is just that, a boost in all the right places, enhancing performance, endurance and oxygenation. NOx Boost is a natural beet and berry flavoured lozenge containing vitamin C, and a natural source of nitrate. It is also naturally sweetened with a fruit-derived protein called “katemfe”, which is a lower glycemic sweetener.Not only does NOx Boost increase oxygen levels, it assists the body in using it more effectively. This is in part due to Nitric Oxide’s ability to reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow, which improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, meaning less sore muscles and faster recovery times. It has also been clinically demonstrated to reduce time to fatigue, and many athletes report a decrease in their completion times. The lozenge delivery system facilitates a quicker conversion of nitrates to Nitric Oxide.Nitrates produce Nitric Oxide in the body which acts as an antimicrobial, promotes skin health, modulates the inflammatory response, and promotes wound healing, among other benefits.NOx Boost is an excellent choice for athletes, gym-goers and sports enthusiasts due to its faster conversion rate of nitrate to Nitric Oxide, as well as those needing a boost during their busy, high-stress day. Since the body’s Nitric Oxide production decreases with age, NOx Boost is a great candidate for anyone looking to restore the youthful effects of Nitric Oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide-enhancing supplements are essential for cardiovascular support and are a great addition to any supplement regimen to maximize the delivery of nutrients to the tissues.To learn more about common myths and the safety of nitrates and nitrites, click here to go to the FAQ tab.

Market Trends

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest diets in the world, however many people have difficulty consuming enough of the right types of food that promote its well-known health benefits. This is what makes vitamins and supplements so popular.

AOR Advantage

NOx Boost lozenges from AOR give you a fast acting health boost, providing vital nutrients found in a healthy Mediterranean diet. AOR is proudly Canadian.


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