Digestase 2.0


Aide à prévenir les symptômes digestifs
liés à l’intolérance au lactose

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The health of the digestive system is essential to overall health, and the digestion of foods requires the help of many different enzymes. Recent research has discovered that supplementation with these enzymes can help support digestion, improve the health of the gastrointestinal system, enhance nutrient absorption, boost immunity and alleviate the gastrointestinal burden of digesting food.Digestase 2.0 is a new and improved vegetarian enzyme formula containing a mixture of plant-based enzymes critical to digestion: amylase which digests long-chain polysaccharides, two types of protease which digest complex proteins, lipase which digests fats, and invertase which digests sucrose. New additions to Digestase 2.0 include cellulase which digests cellulose fibres, lactase which digests lactose, and alpha galactosidase which digests oligosaccharides (the complex carbohydrates found in beans and legumes) and reduces gas and bloating associated with such foods. Besides improving digestion, these enzymes can also reduce inflammation, and have been shown to speed up recovery times after injury.Those who experience digestive discomfort or who are looking to improve gastrointestinal health can benefit from Digestase 2.0. Digestase 2.0 contains enzymes from plant sources making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
†Daily Value not established
Ingrédients non médicinaux : Cellulose microcristalline, stéaryl fumarate de sodium, maltodextrin, dextrine de tapioca et de patate, d-mannitol, chlorure de sodium et gluconate de calcium.
Using a new technology that replicates the human stomach and small intestines, the efficacy of Digestase 2.0 as a digestive aid was assessed. Digestase 2.0 supplementation improved the following digestive processes:Under normal digestive conditions: Digestase 2.0 more than doubled the absorption of carbohydrates and increased the absorption of protein in the ileum while protein absorption remained essentially the same in the jejunum.Under impaired digestive conditions: differences were even greater: glucose absorption in the jejunum increasing 9-fold and protein digestion increasing significantly in both the jejunum and ileum.The health benefits of enzyme supplementation are not limited to the absorption of nutrients. Supplemental enzymes relieve digestive organs. Animal experiments are clear: enzyme supplementation results in a healthier intestinal brush border and better nutrient accretion.Supplemental enzymes also reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. Studies in athletes have shown improved recovery time when supplementing with enzymes. Similarly, patients undergoing surgery recover more quickly if they are prescribed enzymes. Enzymes facilitate chemical reactions, improve digestion, support digestive organs and hasten recovery. For the first time, a digestive enzyme has been tested and shown to support digestion.
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