Pro Saffron


Natural mood support

  • Standardized pure saffron extract
  • A natural neurotransmitter booster
  • Supports healthy mood balance
  • Helps manage stress
Gluten Free

Growing research is confirming saffron, a highly prized herb, has a therapeutic role in supporting digestion, balancing homocysteine levels, reducing inflammation and more. It is a natural support for neurotransmitters, which modulate various bodily functions. Saffron has also been found to have GABA-like effects, which assists in relieving feelings of anxiety and has been clinically proven to help manage stress while supporting mood balance.

AOR Advantage

AOR’s saffron is a pure, standardized extract sourced from Iran, and derived from a proprietary process that extracts the main active compounds of the stigma of saffron flowers without causing oxidative damage.




Provides antioxidants for the maintenance of eye health and healthy mood balance.


AOR™ guarantees that all ingredients have been declared on the label. Contains no wheat, gluten, corn, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, sulphites, mustard, soy, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, or animal byproducts.

Adult Dosage

Take one capsule twice a day, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.


Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, taking blood thinners/anticoagulants or if you have a bleeding disorder. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are taking serotonergic drugs or if you suffer from any psychological disorder and/or condition such as frequent anxiety or depression. Consult a health care practitioner if your symptoms persistent or worsen.


The information and product descriptions appearing on this website are for information purposes only, and are not intended to provide or replace medical advice to individuals from a qualified health care professional. Consult with a health care practitioner if you have any health concerns, and before initiating any new diet, exercise, supplement, or other lifestyle changes.

Main Applications

• Neurotransmitter booster
• Mood balance
• Stress

Serving Size: One Capsule
Crocus sativus extract (2% safranal)
15 mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose and maltodextrin (from organic rice).
Capsule: hypromellose.


In a systematic review, 12 randomized controlled trials were evaluated for the effects of saffron on depression, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), sexual dysfunction and weight loss. These studies found a significantly positive effect of saffron, and an equal effect compared to antidepressant drugs with fewer side effects (Hausenblas et al. J Integr Med. 2015 Jul; 13(4): 231-40)

Postpartum Depression:

A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, 60 new mothers with mild-to-moderate postpartum depression received 15 mg twice daily of saffron or placebo. After eight weeks of treatment, the women given saffron had significantly decreased depression scores compared to the placebo group. Ninety-six percent of the saffron group achieved remission compared to only 43% of the placebo group. (Kashani L  et al. Pharmacopsychiatry. 2017 Mar; 50(2): 64-68)

Why is Saffron so Valuable?

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, fetching upwards of $45,000 per kilo and sometimes exceeding the price of gold. This is because the flowers of the Crocus sativus, must be handpicked, and it takes almost 200,000 flowers to get 80 grams a day. Then, the three stigmas of each flower must be manually separated and dried.

Active Constituents

There are three main components identified in saffron that have been linked to beneficial activities: crocetin, crocins, and safranal.

  • Crocin:
  • linked to benefits for memory, cognition, and Crocin may inhibit the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, leading to a reduction in depressive symptoms.
  • Crocetin:
  • a unique carotenoid that can cross the blood-brain-barrier and reach the central nervous system. Research suggests that crocetin may prevent the demyelination and degeneration of nerve cells. It may also reduce exercise-induced fatigue and support cardiovascular function by reducing cardiac and high blood pressure damage.
  • Safranal:
  • most commonly known for its antioxidant effects, and reducing oxidative damage in neurons. Safranal also promotes antidepressant effects, anticonvulsant actions, and can even help promote satiety as shown in one study by reducing snacking behaviour in overweight women.
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