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Have you ever felt uncomfortable or bloated after eating? That often occurs because your body did not properly digest your meal, which leads to gas and bloating. Every single time we eat, food has to be broken down into its microscopic particles so that the body can absorb the nutrients and use them for energy, development and maintenance. In fact, digestion begins even before you put food in your mouth. Just the thought of eating signals your body to start increasing stomach acid or saliva to prepare to digest your meal. The process of digestion starts in the mouth and ends in the colon. A healthy digestive system has the optimal amounts of enzymes, acidity and probiotics to ensure that food not only gets broken down but, that nutrients are also absorbed into the bloodstream. The reality is that many individuals experience digestive discomfort. This can be because of a lack of enzymes, low stomach acidity or depletion of healthy intestinal flora. Not only does this cause uncomfortable symptoms, but, it can also lead to severe nutrient depletion. Taking a digestive supplement can significantly reduce digestive symptoms and improve nutrient absorption.

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