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To date, scientists still don't fully understand what causes migraines. They are believed to occur do to a combination of genetic and environmental factors and/or changes in mood or routine. For the individuals who are commonly affected by them, they are recurring and quite debilitating as they cause pulsating headaches, sensitivity to light, nausea and visual and sensory changes which can last from hours to days. There are 4 phases of migraines, the prodrome phase begins days or hours before the headache and the symptoms can include mood changes, sensitivity to smell or noise or fatigue. The aura phase occurs during the headache and can cause vision disturbances usually not lasting longer than an hour. The pain phase is when the throbbing headache and subsequent nausea or vomiting occur. Finally, in the postdrome phase, individuals report feelings of soreness or fatigue days after the pain has subsided. Treatments aim to reduce the pain or frequency of attacks but commonly, over the counter pain killers are used to manage the pain. To avoid the onset of an attack, many individuals know their triggers and avoid them as they consider prevention to be the best plan for reducing the frequency of attacks.

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