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Benefits of Arjuna stem bark:

Helps reduce blood pressure and balance cholesterol levels    •    Supports the function of the heart muscle by increasing its capacity to pump blood more efficiently    •    Minor effects reported in protection of the heart and helping in reduction of damage to the heart muscle after heart attacks
No know allergens
Pesticide Free
Country of Origin
1200 years ago, Ayurvedic medicine determined that nature had provided a powerful treatment for thickening and hardening of the arteries in the smooth, white bark of Terminalia arjuna, a tall, dense tree with long, conical leaves and white flowers
The bark extraction is used in the Indian subcontinent for anginal pain, hypertension, congestive heart failure, and dyslipidemia, based on the observations of ancient physicians for centuries
By increasing cardiac capacity, it can improve circulation and reduce symptoms of angina as well as the frequency of attacks
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