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Inositol Hexanicotinate (Niacin No Flush)

Advanced B Complex – 388 mg
Advanced B Complex Ultra – 30 mg
Multi Basics 3 – 126 mg
Niacin No Flush – 550 mg
Ortho Core – 115 mg
Pro Ortho Core – 115 mg
Pro B Complex – 388 mg

Benefits of Inositol Hexanicotinate (Niacin No Flush):

Allows for slow release • Provides protection against flushing • Supports the liver
Corn allergens
Country of Origin
Inositol hexanicotinate (IHN) is a form of niacin that is bound to inositol
It releases vitamin B3 into the body slowly to prevent the flushing effect but without the potential risks to the liver caused by niacinamide
This formation allows it to deliver niacin to the bloodstream in a controlled fashion, avoiding the unpleasantness of flushing



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