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Benefits of MBP™:

Activates osteoblastic bone formation • Suppresses the excess osteoclastic bone resorption • Supports collagen production and calcium usage
Country of Origin
New Zealand
Derived from
MBP is a natural protein that is contained in trace amounts in bovine and human milk. Although milk contains protein in abundance, MBP accounts for only a small portion of milk’s overall protein content. The effect of this protein on bone was discovered and named Milk Basic Protein.
The most important characteristics of MBP are that it increases the number of bone-forming osteoblasts and regulates the activity of bone-destroying osteoclasts. MBP is a multifunctional protein: by acting directly and/or indirectly on bone cells, it vitalizes the bone itself and promotes the bone formation, while at the same time inhibiting excess bone destruction (bone resorption).
MBP works directly and indirectly on both osteoblasts and osteoclasts. At the same time as it activates osteoblastic bone formation, it suppresses the excess osteoclastic bone resorption. MBP supports the formation of healthy bones. MBP makes bones receptive to calcium while simultaneously deterring excessive dissolving of calcium and collagen out of bones. As a result, MBP keeps our bones vital and healthy
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