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University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Canada

Collaborator: Dr. Rotimi Aluko, University of Manitoba

Health Categories: Cardiovascular Health

Research Summary: Hypertension affects over 25% of adults in North America. This can lead to stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure, or vision problems. Many drugs control blood pressure by interfering with angiotensin, or aldosterone. However, when these drugs are used chronically, the body increases renin production, which drives blood pressure up again. Using food grade enzymes, and a patented process, this research project worked to obtain a product that which can reduce blood pressure while maintaining healthy kidney function by decreasing the activity of a renin – Pea Protein Hydrosylate.

SF Summarization: This research project focused on using pea protein to reduce blood pressure while maintaining health kidney function by decreasing the activity of renin (an aspartic protease protein and enzyme secreted by the kidneys.)

Current Status: Completed

Stage: Pre-clinical study

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