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University of Calgary

Alberta, Canada
Completed June 2015

Collaborator: Dr. Prasanth Chelikani

Health Categories: Metabolic Disorders/Health & Weight Loss

Research Summary: Dietary whey protein promotes weight loss and improves diabetic control, however, less is known of the bioactive components of whey that produce such benefits and their mechanism of action. We examine the effects of whey, and its fractions lactalbumin and lactoferrin, on energy balance and metabolism in diet-induced obese rats. Compared to pair-fed animals, lactoferrin produced a more sustained weight and fat loss, improved glycemia, and attenuated the reduction in energy expenditure, suggesting that the metabolic effects of lactoferrin are beyond caloric restriction

SF Summarization: This study evaluated the beneficial effects of B-vitamins in older adults who are at risk of low B-vitamin intake due to genetics and diet.

Current Status: Completed

Stage: Clinical Study

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