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Travelling Hacks: 4 Tips for the Frequent Flyer

  We have talked about some supplemental and lifestyle tips on how to recover when arriving at a new destination here and here, today- Dr.Kevin gives us some strategies on how to beat the fatigue of the travel itself.  

Now days it seems like everybody wants to travel the world and visit all the wonders it has to offer.   If you ask anybody if there is anything that they dislike about travelling, 99% of the time their answer is that they dislike the travel itself. Can you blame them? It becomes such a deterrent to see the world when every time you step on a plane you’re worried if you will be able survive the stresses of sitting, being cramped in a tight space, flight delays, and even more sitting

Here is your 4-step guide to travelling without your body being sore when you reach your paradise.

  1. Aisle seats are everything!

Try not to leave online check-in to the very last moment. Checking in online as soon as you can is your best way to ensure you’re able to get an aisle seat. The best thing about an aisle seat is that you have the freedom to stand up and walk around as often as possible. You’re going to want to take full advantage of this. Most of the aches and pains we feel after a long flight is simply because we are stationary for way too long. If you make it a habit to stand up every 30 minutes you will offload the stress that sitting has on your joints. Get up, walk to the rear of the plane and hang out with the flight attendants. Its amazing how friendly and inviting they are back there.

  1. Stand up before you sit down.

You know those people that will wait right by the line to get on the 

  plane but they are not actually in line because their zone hasn’t been called yet? Although they come off as disruptive and have you thinking, “why don’t you just sit down and relax until your zone is called?” they are actually onto something. If you are about to embark on a 6-hour flight the last thing you want to be doing is sitting an hour or more before hand waiting at your gate for your flight to board. The last 30 minutes before your flight is prime time for you to get up and move around, walk around, ‘anything around’. If you sit for an hour before your 6-hour flight think of it as you just turned it into a 7-hour flight. So avoid prolonged sitting before departure at all costs.

  1. Take a release ball with you. Although it’s small in size, it’s large in impact.

If you’re going to be bound to your seat for a couple of hours you may as well use it as an opportunity to show your body some love by releasing muscle tension while you sit.

Here is a video I made on a recent trip I took to Vancouver. In the video I go through a series of technique

s you could use with the ball in order to release some tight upper body muscles that are sure to get tight on a long flight.

  1. Take a moment to exhale.

Once you reach your destination and settle in it is important that you take 5-10 minutes to practice some form or flow of movements. Yoga is a great practice post travel as it allows you to push your joints to end ranges and out of positions 

  they have spent the last couple of hours in. It is also an amazing way to decompress and rid the stresses and tension built up by travelling. These stresses manifest in the body and cause you to maintain a low level of tension, sort of like unnecessary clenching in a sense. The message is to move your arms, spine and legs around in order to restore happier joints so your body is primed and ready to take you through your anticipated get away.

Now the next time you travel you will be equipped with everything you need to know to make your next getaway one without aches and pains before you even get the party started.


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