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Advanced B Complex – 308 mg
Advanced B Complex Ultra – 308 mg
Advanced PCOS Relief – 550 mg
Inositol Caps – 500 mg
Inositol Powder – 9 g
Multi Basics 3 – 72 mg
Ortho Core – 100 mg
SuperFocus – 50 mg
Pro Ortho Core – 100 mg
Pro B Complex – 308 mg

Benefits of Inositol:

Helps regulate brain-signaling systems • Promotes improved mental function and outlook • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
No known allergens
Country of Origin
Inositol (or myo-inositol) is a B-vitamin-like molecule often used to help regulate blood sugar, manage polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and alleviate the symptoms of mood disorders such as low mood or anxiousness
Inositol is essential to multiple brain signaling systems, as it helps improve the sensitivity of various receptors, therefore enhancing the delivery of messages from a variety of hormones and neurotransmitters (brain messenger-molecules)
Essentially, this helps hormones such as insulin and neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine work more effectively



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