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Benefits of Sunfiber®:

Supports digestion and gastrointestinal health • Promotes health blood sugars and cardiovascular health • One of the most well tolerated fibres available • Low FODMAP
No known allergens
Country of Origin
Sunfiber® is made from partially hydrolyzed guar gum, a highly soluble, prebiotic form of fibre derived from the endosperm of the cluster bean
Guar gum is fermented more slowly in the intestinal tract than some other prebiotic fibres, making it easily tolerated
Hydrolyzation is a controlled natural process that breaks guar gum down into smaller units, greatly decreasing its viscosity and allowing the particles to dissolve more readily, while maintaining the original fibre content
It is a patented highly soluble form of fibre that has been used in clinical trials, studied in children, and found to be one of the most palatable and well-tolerated soluble fibres that does not alter the taste and texture of food or drink

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