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Cold & Flu: A Unique and Effective Formula

Every day your immune system is hard at work, defending you from infectious bacteria, viruses and parasites and more. This complex system is made up of a variety of cells and signalling molecules that work together to help keep you healthy. Most of the time you don’t even notice that your immune system is at work. That is of course until pesky microbes slip through the defenses and your immune system goes into overdrive to try to catch up.  In fact, many of the uncomfortable symptoms you experience like fevers, runny nose and sneezing are actually your immune system’s strategies for fighting infection.

On average, adults have two to five colds each year and children have 7-10 colds each year.1 Colds and the flu are both caused by viruses. The most common cold viruses include rhinoviruses (30-50%), coronaviruses (10-15%) and the respiratory syncytial virus (5%). The flu on the other hand is caused by the influenza A or influenza B viruses.1,2 Because these illnesses are caused by viruses, antibiotics are not effective against colds and the flu.

Cold symptoms usually begin with a sore throat that does not last for more than two days, while other symptoms such as runny nose, congestion and cough are present by the fourth or fifth day. These symptoms usually last around a week. With a flu however, the symptoms are more severe and come on very quickly. These symptoms usually include sore throat, fever, muscle aches and pains, headache, cough and congestion.  These symptoms can last up to five days, but possibly longer.

Most colds and flus are considered “self resolving”, meaning the infection will be resolved and symptoms will subside without any medical intervention.  However, as most of us can attest a cold or flu can knock you out, make you miss work, leaving you feeling rotten and run down. Thankfully there are a number of effective natural therapies that can support how efficiently your body fights off the cold or flu, quickly reducing symptoms and symptom duration to get you back to feeling your best. 

Just in time for cold and flu season AOR is launching Cold & Flu . It contains a unique combination of ingredients specifically formulated to reduce the severity of cold and flu symptoms and bolster the immune system at the same time. This formula combines botanical plants Andrographis, South African Geranium and Tinospora cordifolia along with zinc and copper which are key minerals that support the cells of the immune system.

Andrographis is an herb native to India and Sri Lanka.  It was widely used in Southeastern Asia before antibiotics were discovered for its antimicrobial action. Andrographis has been shown in multiple studies to effectively relieve cold and flu symptoms such as fever, sore throat and cough, and support the body’s natural defences. Reducing the number of sick days patients took from five days to three days.5

South African geranium (Pelargonium sidoides) is an herb with extensive use in South African traditional medicine. It has natural antibacterial properties and has been shown to stimulate the immune system and help the body fight against viruses. It enhances the body’s natural healing ability and has been studied for its ability to reduce symptoms associated with upper respiratory infections.3

Tinospora cordifolia (also known as Guduchi and heart-leaved moonseed) is an herbaceous vine indigenous to the tropical areas of India, China, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Historically it has been used to treat a wide range of ailments including colds, fevers, headaches and throat infections. Tinospora has been shown to be an immune modulator, helping to relieve sneezing, nasal obstruction, nasal discharge and inner nasal swelling due to cold and flu or allergies.4

Severe zinc deficiency depresses immune function and even mild to moderate degrees of zinc deficiency can impair important immune system cells. In clinical studies, zinc significantly reduced the duration of cold symptoms such as cough, nasal discharge and muscle aches when compared with a placebo.

AOR’s Cold & Flu is a unique formulation, combining traditional herbs with proven mineral support for complete and effective cold and flu relief. Breath easy this cold and flu season and support your immune system all year long with Cold & Flu .


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