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Immune Support

Postbiotics, the New Microbiome Hero

Interest in gut health has become popular as more and more studies underline the significance of the gut in health and in whole host of diseases. There are many pieces in this puzzle including, the microbiome, probiotics, and postbiotics. First, let us get definitions and nomenclature out of the way. The microbiota is the total number of microbes that are present in out entire gastrointestinal tract. These include, bacteria both “good” and “bad”, viruses, fungi, parasites, archaea protozoa, and many other players. Many factors influence the number and diversity of these “guests” including what we inherit from our mother at birth,

Lactoferrin, A Powerful Allay in Health and Disease

Lactoferrin (Lf) is a small molecule, as far as proteins go, with a bunch of glucose side chains, and is properly called a glycoprotein. Its structure is like a spring that coils onto itself which allows it to trap and hold minerals within its many folds. Lactoferrin is found abundantly in mothers’ milk, especially the first milk or colostrum that helps protect the newborn but is also present in other bodily fluids like tears, saliva, sweat, urine etc. signifying its importance as an important defence molecule. Lactoferrin plays an important role in a wide range of diseases which briefly can

Stress, Cortisol and Immunity

In today’s unpredictable environment of world-wide pandemics, health concerns and economic uncertainty, it is easy to succumb to the negative effects of stress on the body. We are being exposed to a greater variety of stressors daily. We may think that one type of stress is better or worse than another, but in reality, the body interprets and responds to all stress in the same manner: cortisol release. You may have heard cortisol described as the “stress hormone.” When the body experiences stress, cortisol and catecholamines are released from the adrenal cortex which activate the “fight-or-flight” mechanism. This mechanism prepares

The Male Immune Response System

As a male, have you ever wondered about your immune response system? Or is it not something that ever really crosses your mind? Let’s take a look at what exactly the male immune response system is, what does it mean to males, as well as point out some differences between females and males and sex hormones, ways to strengthen the immune system and why you should keep an eye on your immune system. Healthy Lifestyle One of your first lines of defence is to lead a healthy lifestyle filled with whole foods, fruits and vegetables, exercising (light or vigorous), regular

LACTOFERRIN – Powerful Immune Support Player

Immune cells require amino acids from protein in their formation. High quality whey protein supplements not only contain amino acids but also a number of unique compounds that have been studied to improve immune function. One such compound is lactoferrin, a key immune boosting molecule that is secreted primarily in breast milk, boosting the baby’s immune system at the same time as delivering iron. In adults it is secreted in many external fluids (such as saliva or lung mucous) as a first line of defense. Studies have found lactoferrin’s multifunctional role encompasses antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant and immune-balancing activities.9,10 Neonatal hospital units have

Harness the Immune Boosting Power of Mushrooms with AHCC

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Top Five Ways to Help Control Your Seasonal Allergies

Almost one-quarter of Canadians suffer from seasonal allergies or allergic rhinitis. Allergy season can last (depending on geographic location) in Canada anywhere from early February (mostly the west coast) to the first frost of the year (October – November, depending on region). Certain allergies are also seasonally dependent and are at their prime at different times of year. With it currently being late summer and entering into fall, typically ragweed is the chief culprit for allergy sufferers. The plant produces large amounts of pollen and releases it super quickly. Ragweed likes to grow in disturbed soil, which is typically soil

Spring Has Sprung – Have Your Allergies Sprung Too?

With the start of spring come the blooms and blossoms and that pesky partner in crime – pollen! Seasonal allergies affect millions of Canadians (approx. 10 million) each year, and many will dash to the pharmacy in search of antihistamine medication so they don’t drip, itch and sneeze their way through springtime.  While the viral load at the start of spring can still be high depending upon the region, the differences between allergy symptoms (below) and cold symptoms generally are as follows: No fever or muscle aches Mucous secretions are typically clear and runny Sneezing is common in rapid, multiple

Lactobionic Acid: A New Strategy to the Calcium Conundrum

Calcium is an important mineral for maintenance of bone health and for preventing the more serious condition called osteoporosis and the associated risk of vertebral, spine and wrist fractures especially in postmenopausal women. Recently, calcium has once again come under some negative light. Various studies published in reputable journals like JAMA and Heart have found that “excessive” supplemental calcium could lead to higher risk of heart disease. The latest research from Sweden shows that a large group of women, over sixty thousand, who consume high amounts of calcium from both their diet as well as taking supplements were likely to

Natural Alternatives for Fighting the Flu + Cold

Cold symptoms usually begin with a sore throat that does not last for more than two days, while other symptoms such as runny nose, congestion and cough are present by the fourth or fifth day.  These symptoms usually last around a week.  With a flu however, the symptoms are more severe and come on very quickly.  These symptoms usually include sore throat, fever, muscle aches and pains, headache, cough and congestion.  These symptoms can last up to five days, but possibly longer. Being prepared for cold/flu season and ensuring your medicine cabinet is stocked with natural therapies, that combat a

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