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Eye Health

Are You Straining Your Eyes?

Eye strain used to be something you experienced from trying to read without proper lighting. It was something our parents used to warn us about when we played too many video games or sat too close to the television. In today’s day, that could still be the case, but changes in screens, light technology, and the increased use of digital devices has us experiencing eye strain earlier and more frequently. The digital era has us questioning the health effects of blue wavelengths of light, since we can’t seem to pry our eyes away from screens, including laptops, monitors, tablets and

Long Term Effects of Blue Light Exposure

It’s easy to take for granted our access to artificial light. There’s rarely a need to keep a fire stoked or light a candle to see through darkness. We can just flip a switch to illuminate a room, reach into our pocket for our flashlight enabled phones – or heck, just read directly from our miniature computer screens. The thing is, there may be a dark side to basking in all this artificial light – particularly our exposure to blue light.   What is Blue Light? The visible light spectrum is an actual rainbow of colors – red, orange, yellow,

Omega-3 and AMD

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How Does High Blood Pressure Effect Your Eyes?

Blood pressure is a measurement of how hard your heart must work to pump blood out to the body. It calculates the volume of blood leaving your heart by the resistance it faces when it leaves.  There are many contributing factors to make up this number. How healthy is your heart? How much blood volume do you have? Have you lost blood recently, like through a major surgery? How strong and flexible are your arteries? How old are you? What gender are you? Does high blood pressure run in your family? What is your diet like? How much stress are

Early Signs of Diabetic Retinopathy

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Antioxidants and Eye Health

Antioxidants are protectants, like bodyguards for your cells and their interior parts, including DNA. We have systems in place all over the body stationing these antioxidants to prevent the body’s tissues from getting damaged from what is called oxidative stress. As part of our normal metabolism, we create molecules called free radicals. These free radicals are highly reactive molecules and in small amounts they can actually do us a few favours, but in larger concentrations they can cause havoc, leading to oxidative cell damage and inflammation. Because we collect free radicals from sources other than the body’s regular metabolism, such

Supporting Aging Eyes

As we age many systems and senses begin changing. Often the changes in these senses result in some very significant alterations and decreases in quality of life. It is estimated that approximately half a million Canadians are living with significant vision loss that impacts their quality of life. Ocular aging relates to structural, mechanical, and functional impairments in any of the structures of the eye from the cornea, the covering of the outer eye that offers both protection and light refraction, to the macula, the center of the retina in which age-related degeneration occurs. Conditions that are attributed to aging

Take Care of Your Eye Health With Age

As you age, your eyes age as well. Over time, eyes become prone to all kinds of problems, including floaters, blurry vision, loss of night vision, dry eyes, eye strain and more. It’s important to take care of your eyes because even more serious conditions can arise, such as glaucoma, presbyopia, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and more. Reduce Screen Time More and more people are visiting their eye doctors over eye strain. Eye strain is a serious condition that can lead to permanent damaged vision. This condition is exacerbated by the amount of time people spend looking at screens

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