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The Journey to Ironman – Part 3

Here I was, walking into the running store, feeling a little apprehensive about asking questions. I could not have been more surprised. The staff were amazing, so helpful. I have always simply picked a pair of shoes that were the latest style, or that I simply liked the look of, however; these people took “shoe shopping” to a totally different level. They looked at my current shoes, how I landed, my stride length and suggested custom orthotics based on the wear pattern. My lower back has always given me some issues, however with the kilometres I had been doing, it

Building Your Body – Considerations for Optimal Composition

Choosing the right strategy to improve body composition is a hot topic, with many different exercise and dietary strategies suggested to be successful for weight loss, reducing body fat, and preserving lean muscle mass. It is important to select the right approach that fits your individual needs. It is particularly encouraging that many studies show success in improving body composition with as little as three, thirty-minute workouts per week, provided they are combined with a diet regimen that is calorically neutral or hypocaloric[i]. These small studies have not only looked at exercise type but have included a variety of individuals

Journey to Ironman: Part 2 of 4

I was so determined to keep the momentum going – literally. I got home, had a shower and a quick snack and within 30 minutes of walking through my door I had signed up for my first Calgary marathon – go big or go home I thought. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I had only five weeks to prepare myself, which I would later find out is not a lot of time to prepare yourself physically and mentally. I continued with my endurance program that I had made up in my head, the more the better

Journey to Ironman: Part 1 of 4

The journey to becoming an Ironman is more than just crossing a finish line at the end of a race, it’s a lifelong adventure of being the best you can be and improving yourself. Every person’s story is unique and everyone has a different reason for wanting to complete the challenge which is known for being one of the most mentally and physically demanding endurance races in the world. Ultimately, I chose to do it for me, follow through with the commitment to myself, and to prove that the body is much more capable than what we realize. Anything is

Protein: The Importance of Fuelling our Muscles After Exercise

There is a special feeling associated with conquering a challenging workout. As part of an active daily lifestyle, it is healthy to safely test our body’s boundaries of strength and endurance. This challenge is different for everyone; attempting more weight or repetitions at the gym, extending your long run by a few extra kilometres, or holding onto those new yoga poses as long as possible. Overcoming these new obstacles not only leaves us with a great sense of accomplishment but also feeling very sore the next day! To reduce muscle soreness and improve muscle function for further training, a proper

The Pros and Cons of Protein Powders: Plant vs Whey

We all know how important adequate protein intake is for good health. Just to put everyone on the same page, here are the main benefits of protein in general. Provides amino acids for muscle repair Protein with each meal balances blood sugar which can aid in healthy weight loss Amino acids from protein are used to make immune cells and neurotransmitters Despite our best efforts, most people do not get enough protein from dietary sources alone or we tend to rely on animal proteins that are rich in saturated fats and acidifying amino acids. To maintain muscle building and prevent

The Power of Beets in Blood Pressure Reduction and Sports Performance

Support for the use of nitrate rich foods or drinks in maintaining good health continues to be published. Two new studies from the UK suggest that the nitrates in beetroot can reduce blood pressure level as well as boost the performance running time of female athletes. The first study from the University of Reading in England incorporated red and white beetroot into a unique bread formulation. Fourteen healthy males participated in this double blind randomized cross-over study. Each participant consumed either 100 g (two slices) of white or red beetroot enriched bread and then had their blood pressure levels measured

The Link Between Nitric Oxide & Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an advanced stage of dementia which progressively worsens with time and is associated with a high degree of mortality. The disease is not part of normal aging, and is likely caused by various processes that damage nerve cells.  Many clinical symptoms are associated with AD, including cognitive decline, memory loss, disorientation, language impairment and so on plus AD also has a pronounced effect on the family or their caregivers. In 2010 in the US alone there were over five million cases and over twenty million worldwide. The cause of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is not fully known

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