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Benefits of Resveratrol:

Anti-aging and antioxidant compound • Supports healthy cholesterol levels • Extracted from sustainable Japanese knotweed
No known allergens
Country of Origin
Resveratrol is a wildcrafted plant compound known as a polyphenol, and naturally occurs in grapes, dark chocolate, various berries, and some herbs. In a trans-form for easy absorption, resveratrol provides a rich source of antioxidants that helps to combat the damaging effects that medications, pollution, UV rays, and dietary choices have on cell health.
Studies have shown that resveratrol reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the incidence of arterial plaque formation. Its most unique application is that it mimics the biological effects of eating a calorie restricted diet, which has many different health benefits.
Japanese knotweed is listed by the World Conservation Union (UICN) as one of the world’s 100 most invasive species. Rather than horticulture societies attempting to eradicate these weeds with herbicides releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. AOR is contributing to manual control by using the knotweed as our preferred source of resveratrol. Furthermore, Japanese Knotweed yields more trans-resveratrol, which is the more active form.

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